Ruby Alice is an established hair salon that provides high quality and creative hairdressing along with excellent customer service. Our team of highly qualified staff are constantly adapting to the modern world to give you the look you are after.

We take great care in making sure you feel at ease discussing your desired look, taking into account your face shape, lifestyle and the texture of your hair. Every client is given a manageable style that suits them and is not just wearable for one day!

Ruby Alice use colour and products by Milk_Shake. This is a luxury Italian company who uses innovative ingredients researched and studied to give you soft conditioned styling with a natural effect. They are at the forefront for new fixture technologies, milk proteins, high quality resins, filmogen agents and solar filters. All these technologies combined means that our stylists can get the best possible results.

New to Ruby Alice is our Raccoon Hair Extensions. Our extensions are made from 100% human hair and come in a variety of colours and lengths. The extensions lay flat to the head so are really comfortable to wear but still give you the full look you desire. In just 1 hour we are able to apply a full head and the hair is guaranteed to last 1 year if taken care of properly. Our extensions are applied in strips and will last for 4 weeks and then can be reapplied to meet your new hair growth.



Kids Hair

Ruby Alice understand that having your hair cut for the first time as a child can be really quite scary. Your in an environment thats very unfamiliar and you would most likey feel a bit intimidated from the scissors etc. At Ruby Alice, we have friendly, sympathetic and patient staff who are great with nervous children. We will try and make their first experience as nice as possible so that the fear will be gone for their next visit.
Wedding Hair

Come along to Ruby Alice and enjoy all the benefits of our fully trained and experienced wedding hair stylists, who will cater for all your hair needs on your special day. Our stylists have an outstanding reputation in the south and are well known for the professional, fast and calm service on the big day. At Ruby Alice we offer 3 different wedding packages which go beyond the usual wedding service.






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